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General Information
Recommended Reading



Who are you?

My name is Jourdan Cameron, I am a trigger happy photographer, a pianist, a website designer, and an aquarist.

You sound so neat, but what's an aquarist?

An aquarist is one who works with aquariums; I currently keep a few, and have experience with primarily freshwater fish.

OK, that answers that. But aren't freshwater fish, well, boring?

By no stretch of the imagination! Freshwater fish have just as large a variety as saltwater (or marine) fish, but are less common. But they can be just as colorful! They are more adaptable as well, living in differently styled aquariums with different water conditions (depending on the sensitivity of the fish).

Where are you?

I live in Connecticut.

Will you set me up with an aquarium?

I certainly will!

How much will this cost?

That really depends on the size of the aquarium you want, the equipment you choose etc.

Wow, sounds great, but I'm really busy, I don't think I can maintain it.

No trouble at all. Depending on your location, I can also come in weekly for maintenence on the aquarium!

How much will this cost me? It sounds expensive.

As I said before, it depends on your location, and how large your aquarium is.

Are there any prerequisites?

I will not be able to set up an aquarium if I don't have a supply of water, so a sink is very important! As far as settup goes, I cannot place an aquarium in an area of extremely heavy traffic due to:

A: Fish being driven insane by the constant bumping of the glass.


B: The likelihood of an accident.



Recommended Reading


Nature Aquarium World,, by Takashi Amano

Tropical Fish from A to Z, by Ulrich Schliewen Websites http://theaquariumwiki.com

The Online Encyclopaedia of all things Aquatic - They also have a forum where you can get advice.


An online radio show about keeping fish in aquariums, bowls and ponds - airs every Wednesday from 1-3 PM Pacific Time.


A website dedicated to the keeping of Betta splendens, with lot's of practical advice.


Are you interested in keeping very large fish? This is the website for you.


Information on the theraputic benefits of aquariums.



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